Youth Programs

At Dream of Wild Health, we believe that children are sacred, wakan. They are the future, just like the precious seeds in our collection. Our youth programs are a way to bring families together around healthy food, nature, and traditions.

Each summer, we offer programs for Native American youth from the Twin Cities.

  • Youth kids ages 8-12 to join Cora’s Kids, a one-week program that teaches about organic farming, health, and culture.
  • Youth ages 13-18 join Garden Warriors to learn more in-depth lessons on farming, culture, seed saving, and healthy cooking.

The youth start each morning in circle with staff, learning to smudge and pray with tobacco. The youth learn to plant, grow, harvest and cook fresh, organic vegetables. The youth also work with our Native Chef, learning to make healthy lunches.

Youth from Garden Warriors can stay with Dream of Wild Health year-round through our Youth Leaders program.

These youth can become eligible to receive our youth scholarships by showing sustained dedication to the Dream of Wild Health programs and to their school work.

Indigenous Food Network

The Indigenous Food Network (IFN) provides an opportunity for Native-led community organizations in Minneapolis to work together to rebuild a sovereign food system by identifying and leveraging organizational and community assets. The work of the IFN builds on the cultural knowledge of community members and uses an intertribal and multigenerational approach.