diane wilson

Diane Wilson, Executive Co-Director

(612)874-4200 (ext. 104)


Joy persall

Joy Persall, Executive Co-Director

(612)874-4200 (ext. 105)

estella lapointe

 Estella LaPointe, Community Programs Manager

(612)874-4200 (ext. 102)


jenny krocak

Jenny Krocak, Nutrition Programs Coordinator

(612)874-4200 (ext. 106)


heather drake

Heather Drake, Farm Manager

(612)874-4200 (ext. 109)


christina elias

Christina Elias, Assitant Farm Manager

(612)874-4200 (ext. 108)


Ernie Whiteman

Ernie Whiteman - Cultural Director


Hope Flanagan - Wild Foods Educator

Maddie hyde

Madeline Hyde, Communications and Evaluations Specialist

Americorps VISTA

(612)874-4200 (ext. 113)


Michelle Greene, Bookkeeper



Sally Auger, Founder (retired)

Peta Wakan Tipi & Dream of Wild Health