Indigenous Food Share (IFS) CSA


"We love what you are doing and appreciated being a part of it this summer. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work to bring us good food!"

-IFS Member 2017

"I'm really happy that my family and I are members. I love being able to support native owned agriculture."

-IFS Member 2017

"Loved it. Thanks to all — you are all doing good and important work!"

-IFS Member, 2017

"It was fun to get some of the processed foods like the sun-dried tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, and herb-infused oil.  This got me excited about processing some of the things I grow at home."

-IFS Member 2017

"Having access to fresh produce is extremely important on the path to leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s also given us the opportunity to try a larger variety of vegetables that we might not otherwise buy on our own."

-IFS Member, 2017

2019 IFS Season Sign up's in February

Thank you for your interest in DWH's Indigenous Food Share (IFS) CSA. Please check back around February 2019 to sign up for this summer.

If you have any questions, please email


If you're eligible for the presale, you can register now.

2019 Indigenous Food Share Presale


We strive to make healthy food accessible to all, regardless of income. If payment is a burden to you, please contact Staff for more information on payment plans, discounts, or using EBT/SNAP for your payment. 

Types of Shares:

Full Share: $525 (16 boxes)

  • Good for a family of 4 who enjoy veggies: Full box once per week

Half Share: $270 (8 boxes)

  • Good for smaller families or those who are learning to use more veggies: Full box every other week

2019 Indigenous Food Share Information:

Would you like to contribute to allow a family to receive a discount on their share?

Food access is central to our mission. In order to make the IFS more accessible, we offer discounts and payment plans to families who would otherwise not be able to afford a share. Your donations make that possible.

To donate to our Sponsor-a-Share program, visit our donate page and when you are checking out, please specify that you are donating to the IFS program.