Farm of Dreams


Dream of Wild Health farm is a safe space, a sacred place.

All of our food is raised with loving care in an organic environment. We teach our kids to treat each other and the earth with reverence and respect. We offer prayers of thanks with tobacco before each harvest. And we believe in reciprocity, giving back to the earth with gratitude for the gifts we receive.

From our humble beginnings in the rented fields in Farmington, our farm continues to grow and diversify. Each year, we serve more than 3,000 Native and non-Native people through tours, workshops, community feasts, school visits, and summer programs.

 In 2010 our farmer, Meagan O'Brien took the initiative to build a beehive to house a colony of honey bees. They made enough honey to last them through their first winter and we hope to begin harvesting honey in 2012. The bees also help pollinate all our fruiting plants, and serve as a great way for kids to learn about insects.

The year 2012 saw the addition of another group of animals that will benefit the farm: chickens! We got a flock of nine laying hens that will provide eggs for the program's needs. Hopefully in a year or two we'll have enough to bring down for the community, but until then the chickens are helping the farm in many other ways. They scratch around the fields and eat bad bugs like wood ticks, and their droppings are a fantastic fertilizer for the fields! Animal life is an important part of a sustainable farm, and our flock of chickens gets us one step closer to that goal.