Community Classes

canning native foods cooking workshop

An important aspect of food access and health is to know what to do with produce and ingredients. We hear people ask at farmers markets, "How do I cook these vegetables?" For such things as kale, eggplant, and summer squash.

Families are always looking for ways to make their meals healthier, more affordable, and delicious. Through our farmers markets and recipe books we pass on valuable information and our best recipes, but we wanted to find a way to teach hands-on cooking skills for working adults, who want to do more cooking and less ordering from take-out menus!

With the help of our Nutrition Coordinator, we have developed curriculum to teach the basics of safe and healthy food preparation to families. These are designed to empower adults and children to be creative and try new foods, and to incorporate indigenous ingredients.

Dream of Wild Health Cooking Classes

Be on the lookout for other community healthy foods activities such as safely foraging for wild foods, preservation (canning and freezing), hominy preparation and drying of other traditional foods.

For more info about cooking classes through Dream of Wild Health, call our Nutrition Coordinator, Jenny, at 612-874-4200 or email